Post Date : 2024-01-26

Addressable LED Series Announcement

Post Date : 2023-09-01

IN-S63WTxIR Series Release

Post Date : 2023-05-27

IN-PI3727TBTPRPGPB – Addressable Portfolio Expansion Announcement

Post Date : 2023-02-28

IN-S63WTx Series Announcement

Post Date : 2023-01-27

Available today, IN-S63ET Ultra Compact Series LEDs

Post Date : 2022-09-30

Addressable LED Product Announcement

Post Date : 2022-08-26

Available Now, the Thinnest 0402 Package LEDs

Post Date : 2022-07-25

Inolux Corporation to Release Digital RGB Side-Emitting Led Series

Post Date : 2022-06-27

Electronica 2022 Exhibitor Announcement

Post Date : 2022-05-16

High Brightness, Side View RGB LED Series Release

Post Date : 2021-12-13

10mW UVC LED Series Release, available December 15th 2021

Post Date : 2021-12-10

Upcoming Reverse Mount RGB SMD LED+IC Products

Post Date : 2021-12-06

Infrared + Phototransistor Product Release Announcements

Post Date : 2021-12-03

Lead Axial Infrared Emitter LED and Light Bar Display LED Series Announcements

Post Date : 2021-08-20

UVC Portfolio Expansion Announcement

Post Date : 2021-08-20

Low Profile Mono-Color Top and Side View LED Series Releases

Post Date : 2021-08-13

Inolux Corporation Announces One of the First Addressable Side View RGBW LEDs on the Market

Post Date : 2021-08-06

Inolux Corporation Continues Industry Leading LED Selection and Design Simplicity With Innovative Multi-category Product Launch.

Post Date : 2021-02-01

Addressable RGB LED Portfolio Expansion Announcement

Post Date : 2020-10-25

UVC LED Customization Update for Today’s Germicidal and Purification Needs

Post Date : 2020-08-03

Inolux and New Yorker Electronics Announce Distribution Agreement of Infrared and Ultraviolet Products

Post Date : 2020-05-18


Post Date : 2024-01-26

Join Inolux Corporation at DMEMS2024 - Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show

Date: April 24th-25th, 2024
Location: Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego, CA
Booth: 459, Exhibit Hall
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM

Discover Innovation

Inolux Corporation is excited to be a featured exhibitor at the Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show (DMEMS2024), a premier design and manufacturing event catering to IC products, electronic components, fabrication products, engineering software, contract manufacturing services, 3D printers and scanners, IoT and more.

Connect with Inolux at Booth 459

Visit our booth in the Exhibit Hall to discover how Inolux Corporation is revolutionizing LED innovation and contributing to the electronics, medical, and biotech sectors. Our team will be on hand to discuss collaborative opportunities, share insights, and showcase how our products can enhance your projects.

Schedule a Meeting

To ensure dedicated time with our team, schedule a meeting by contacting us at

Stay Connected

We look forward to engaging with fellow industry enthusiasts, forging new connections, and shaping the future of technology together!

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of our LED innovation showcase. See you at DMEMS2024!