High Brightness, Side View RGB LED Series Release

Post Date : 2021-12-13

Inolux Corporation is excited to announce two side view RGB SMD LED products available 12/15/2021. IN-S85TxS5R5G5B series LEDs are tri-color devices in PCB-type molding with a compact 0805 1.1mm package allowing superb design versatility. These RoHS and Reach compliant LEDs offer high brightness, low power consumption, and long life expectancy. Typical wavelengths are 625/525/464nm with a luminous intensity of 35/230/35mcd at a forward voltage of 2.0, 2.8, 2.8V (R/G/B).

For more information, datasheets, and inquiries for each part in this release, please visit the links below:

Some applications include:
IoT / Smart Devices, Ambient Color Effects, Decorative Lighting - Signage, Keyboard and Display Backlighting, Wearables, Aftermarket Automotive Lighting, Network, Communication, and Server Equipment.