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UVC Portfolio Expansion Announcement

Post Date : 2021-08-20

Inolux Corporation announces four Ultraviolet C (UVC) LED product series releases to its extensive ultraviolet LED catalog. The new UVC LED offering includes the IN-C35PPCTGU1, IN-C45PPAT(X)U1 , IN-C45PPBT(X)U1, and IN-C45PPCT(X)U1 series

The IN-C35PPCTGU1 series are 3535 package UVC LEDs that measure 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.42mm. This series offers 275nm wavelength production, a radiant flux of 15mW @100mA, and a viewing angle of 120°, making them suitable for several applications.

The IN-C45PPAT(X)U1 and IN-C45PPBT(X)U1 series feature 4545 package LEDs with a wavelength range of 270-280nm, Radiant Flux range of 15-90mW, and current range of 100mA to 500mA (varies by product).

The IN-C45PPCT(X)U1 series offers low power consumption UVC LEDs that operate at just 100mA with a 275nm wavelength output, making them ideal for numerous designs such as medical and industrial applications. Dimensions measure at 4.4 x 4.4 x 1.59mm with a viewing angle of 120°.

Each product in this announcement is MSL 3 qualified according to J-STD 020 and features excellent thermal dissipation. Additionally, all UVC LEDs from Inolux Corporation are ROHS and REACH Compliant, helping ensure that your design meets the requirements of consumers and regulations globally.