Infrared + Phototransistor Product Release Announcements

Post Date : 2021-12-03

Inolux Corporation is excited to announce the release of two infrared + phototransistor top view SMD LEDs, available December 15th, 2021.


The IN-S1914ATHIRPT and IN-P4634ATHIRPT are versatile LEDs featuring excellent output linearity across a wide illumination range. Each product in this release also features low sensitivity variation across various light sources, light to Current analog output, and responsivity close to the human eye spectrum.


IN-S1914ATHIRPT are PCB-type LEDs in a compact 1914A package and  IN-P4634ATHIRPT are PLCC-type LEDs measuring 4.6x3.4x1.5mm.


Some applications include:

Optical Switch - Motion & Position Sensing - 3D Sensing & Scanning - Time of Flight Sensors - Security Cameras - Biometrics Identification - Health Monitoring - Medical Lab / Diagnostic Equipment - Skin, Muscle & Joint Pain Treatment - Rotary & Linear Encoders - Object Counting & Sorting Sensor - Touch Panel - High Speed IR Communication