10mW UVC LED Series Release, available December 15th 2021

Post Date : 2021-12-10

IN-C35PPCTGU0 series LEDs are the latest Ultraviolet-C (UVC) product offering from Inolux Corporation. The series price, high-performance, and long life expectancy combination facilitates limitless innovation and design potential for medical, industrial, and sterilization applications. Some features include an emission wavelength range of 250-260nm at just 100mA with a forward voltage range of 5.0-7.0V and 120° viewing angle. As such, these ceramic, 3535 package LEDs have excellent design versatility and offer a low-power solution with high effectiveness in air, water, and surface disinfection.

Like all Inolux UVC LEDs, this series is REACH and RoHS compliant to help ensure your product is ready for a global market.

Some applications include: Industrial - Scientific and Biological Tools - Sterilization, Disinfection, and Purification - Horticulture - Medical Tools