Inolux Corporation to Release Digital RGB Side-Emitting Led Series

Post Date : 2022-06-27

On July 29th, 2022, Inolux Corporation will release a digital, side-emitting LED series.

IN-PI31TAS5R5G5B LEDs are 3512 package RGB devices with built-in IC. These compact, low-power consumption LEDs can create millions of color combinations while offering data transfer rates of 800 kbp/s at 30 frames per second, making them the ideal choice for endless designs. Typical (R/G/B) wavelengths are 625/525/465nm with a luminous intensity range of 80-160/320-580/60-120mcd. This device also features high-precision constant current pulse-width modulation capable of achieving 256-level grayscale control.

 Applications include:
Wearables, Smart Home Devices, Gaming, VR equipment, Ambient Color Effects, Decorative Lighting, Keyboard and Display Backlighting, Aftermarket Automotive Lighting, Network, Communication, and Server Equipment.

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IN-PI31TAS5R5G5B Data Sheet  
IN-PI31TAS5R5G5B Product Flyer