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Inolux Corporation Continues Industry Leading LED Selection and Design Simplicity With Innovative Multi-category Product Launch.

Post Date : 2021-02-01

Inolux Corporation, a leader in optoelectronic solutions, announces several product releases and updates to their extensive portfolio. LED design simplicity is a cornerstone at Inolux Corporation and this catalog expansion ensures the most comprehensive and innovative selection for designers.

Addressable LED releases include the new IN-PI15,IN-PC20, and IN-PI20 product series; these small form factor RGB devices allow low voltage and low power consumption with the ability to produce billions of color combinations. Additional addressable LED releases in this expansion are the IN-PI33TCT and IN-PI33QBT series. The IN-PI33TCToffers a 6-Pin 3537 thin RGB IC package and theIN-PI33QBT features a 6-PIN 3537 RGBW IC. Each product in this category features Anti-interference patent technology for single line data transmission and has a built-in reverse bias protection module for the IC.

SMD RGB Top View LED updates include the IN-S66TFT5R5G5B and IN-S66TCTRGBE which feature compact 0606 packages in PCB molding with a size range of 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.4 (mm) to 1.6 x 1.55 x 0.55 (mm). From industrial equipment to IoT wearable devices, application options are endless with these products.

The SMD Mono Color Top View category has three new product series releases. The IN-P23CTJ and IN-P23CTK series are high brightness LEDs with several emission color options including red, green, rgb(5, 99, 193), cool white, neutral white, and a warm white. Both series come in 2835 packages measuring 3.2 x 2.8 x 0.8 (mm). The third series in this category are the IN-S21AT which feature ultra-compact, high brightness Mono Color Top View SMD LEDs. These low-profile chips come in a 0201 package with a PCB type molding style, making them very versatile and ideal for several applications, from small form factor IoT wearables to indicator lights for industrial use.

The product announcement also introduces two SMD RGB Reverse Mount LEDs, providing a more diverse selection to designers in a category that does not typically have many options. The IN-S124TCRRGB features a PCB type molding style and the IN-P32TRRRGB is a PLCC type. Both are tricolor RoHS2 and Reach compliant LEDs with a clear lens, high brightness, and long-life expectancy.

Three SMD Side View product category updates were made, including Mono Color, Bicolor, and RGB LEDs. Mono Color products include the IN-P416AS, IN-P218AS, and IN-S85CS series. Emission color choices are White, Yellow-Green, Yellow, Red, or rgb(5, 99, 193); these parts also offer many brightness, voltage, and current options. The Bicolor Side View LED IN-S63DBS5R5UW comes in a compact 4-pin 1.6 x 0.8 x 0.5 (mm) package with bright emission colors of red and white. SMD RGB Side View additions include the IN-S126TBSRGB (1206 1.0mm) andIN-S63TBS5R5G5B (0603 0.5mm). These products feature a clear lens, AlInGaP / InGaN Technology, and PCB type molding, making them versatile and suitable for several designs.

 New Ultraviolet C LED (UVC) product releases are the IN-C35PUDTDU1 and IN-C40PU(X)TK series. The IN-C35PUDTDU1 offers 265-285nm wavelength production with a radiant flux of 2.5mW @15mA and a viewing angle of 130°. TheIN-C40PU(X)TK series has a range of 270-285nm with a Radiant Flux of 10mW @150mA and viewing angle options of 30°, 60°, and 120°. Each product features ceramic molds, excellent thermal dissipation, and an optical quartz lens making these parts ideal for several UVC applications. These low power consumption parts are also MSL 3 qualified according to J-STD 020 and have an electrostatic discharge of 8KV.

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