Inolux Corporation Announces One of the First Addressable Side View RGBW LEDs on the Market

Post Date : 2021-08-06

Inolux Corporation remains committed to product innovation and making design simple by introducing one of the first addressable side view RGBW LEDs to market.

The IN-PI4818QAS5R5G5BPW is a 32-bit LED offering billions of color combinations with high-speed Data transfer rates of 800 kbp/s at 30 frames per second. The RoHS and Reach compliant 4818 RGBW IC-6 pin package LED also features a high-precision constant current, a viewing angle of 120 °, and dimensions of 4.8x1.6x1.8 (mm).


IoT / Smart Devices

Ambient Color Effects

Decorative Lighting


Keyboard and Display Backlighting


Aftermarket Automotive Lighting

Networking, Communication, and Server Equipment